Less Is More: Minimalism in Decorating

The simple approach to minimalist design and decorating is to think curated versus cluttered. Here you’ll find pointers and product recommendations for bringing the chic functionality of minimalism to any size space.

Sofas & Modular

A minimalist sofa often is a neutral color, with clean lines and simple (or hidden) legs. A modular sofa is also a perfect choice for any decor style, given its versatility. Sections can be moved and configured to encourage socializing while entertaining, and put back into a sectional in time for family movie night. A couple of neutral textured pillows and a cozy throw are all you need to complete the look.

Choose Smooth Lines

Furniture with soft, smooth lines is all the rage right now, and this look is quite compatible with a minimalistic style. An off-white cushiony swivel chair is a warm focal point in a room, creating a warm space and not needing much more around it other than a striking lamp, a neutral rug and a cozy pillow or throw.

Think Big

For the “less is more” look, forgo the gallery wall and instead place one or two large pieces of art in a blank space. Large-scale pieces have a big impact on the eye, can create a stunning ambiance, and a set of coordinating canvas prints gives your home a designer look without breaking the bank

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